[Used] Tokai Silver Star SS-40 '83 / GLIDE EXPERIENCE Series

[Used] Tokai Silver Star SS-40 '83 / GLIDE EXPERIENCE Series

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■What the GLIDE EXPERIENCE Series is?
GLIDE EXPERIENCE Series is the product which selected and modified by GLIDE production department craftsmen. we select good gears which have potential in our used gears and we modify them to make sound and play ability best.
every GLIDE EXPERIENCE products are refretted and Pleked. it guarantee great oscillation of strings and fingering.
also, we change parts to bring out it’s individually best.
all GLIDE EXPERIENCE products comes with permanent warranty. 
GLIDE craftsmen support your fruitful guitar/bass life.

Refretted : to JIM DUNLOP 6150
Pleked : great oscillation of strings and fingering
Nut : changed to oiled nut
Pickups : changed to Fender Pure Vintage 65 set
Tuning keys : changed to GOTOH magnum lock SD91-MG
Saddles : changed to Fender's
Pots : changed to CTS A250kΩ Vintage Style
Selector : changed to MONTREUX OAK 5way switch
Jack : changed to SwitchCraft
Wiring : Belden 8503

■Customized Feature
We have considered to add not strong, but fat and clear sound for this gear.

Then the pickups are selected to Fender Pure Vintage 65.

It is vintage type 7.25" fingerboard radius, but refretted to JIM DUNLOP 6150 
for enhancing sound tone and bending sound.Ofcouse it is Pleked.
Electronics are all changed to new ones, and the wire is Belden 8503.
We achieved to develop very clear sound you wanna play!

Scratches : please look the pictures
Truss rod works : very good

■Comes with
soft case
permanent warranty