GLIDE is Online Guitar Shop powered by Craftsmen

GLIDE -Guitar Life Design-

All Our Gears are Repaired and Setup by Craftsmen

We ship Japanese Brand Guitars to All Over the World.

GLIDE has 2 unique features.
One is we have the guitar-build craftsmen although we are online guitar shop, and the other is we have PLEK machine which is the ultimate set-up technology.

GLIDE is Online Guitar shop powered by Craftsmen.

Our craftsmen work for all our original, new, used, and vintage gears and we ship all over the world.
We also have Plek which is the computer-controlled fitting machine and maximize the sound and fingering that you have never experienced.

Plek can improve the playability of your gears by 1/1000mm level's measurement and adjustment

Plek is the computer-controlled machine and scans and adjusts by 1/1000mm level that It is beyond any skilled professional craftsmen. Plek provides significantly improved sound and fingering that you have never experienced.

You can buy Popular Japan Guitars & Bass from Japan